Learn how to express your style, trust your instincts, and create a home you love

Design a Joyful Home is the only program that not only guides you step-by-step through the process of transforming your home on your terms — but also gives you a toolkit for bringing your signature, joyful style to any space, at any budget.

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You want a home that makes you feel inspired, uplifted, and alive.


A home that doesn't look like everyone else's, but captures your unique, authentic style. A home that excites and enlivens you, and makes it easy to live your best life.

 Whether you’re...

  • a new homeowner with a blank canvas, excited (and a little overwhelmed) to finally create your dream home
  • a renter tired of settling for a generic living space, who wants to create a beautiful life at home now without spending a ton of money or making an enemy out of your landlord
  • an interior designer or home organizer who wants to deepen your understanding of the psychology of design, so you can create spaces that make your clients fall passionately in love with their homes

You're in the right place. Design a Joyful Home will give you the tools you need to harness your natural creativity and create a vibrant home that looks as good as it feels.

By the end of this program,
you will have:

  • Fully transformed a room in your home (instead of spending another year just thinking about it)

  • Gained a clear, unshakeable sense of your unique style and an intuitive understanding of how to make a house feel like home — one that no one can take away from you

  • Crafted a color palette, room layout, and lighting plan that let you choose paint colors, furnishings, and art with ease

  • Developed the ability to walk into a space and instantly understand what's wrong with it — and how to fix it

  •  Visualized your design so that you can make changes without risk or regret (even if you're a design newbie and have never drawn a thing in your life!)

  •  Acquired a toolkit of strategies and templates you can count on to make even the trickiest, most awkward spaces work for you 

“It is not hyperbole to say that taking the Design a Joyful home course has completely transformed our home!”


Our living room is now an inviting, vibrant space that allows us to indulge in our moments that matter most—reading and playing games together as a family. We joyfully spend hours a day in this room and it now truly (and finally) feels like home.”

- Jennifer K.

What our students have said...

“I love these transformed spaces because I know they completely reflect me and my family—there isn’t a kitchen, powder room or entryway in the world that looks exactly like these ones and that feels like such a victory, to tap into my own style and embrace it.”

- Becca H.

You've given me the confidence to just go for the butterfly wallpaper. I loved every second of this class, and it gave me something wonderful to focus on in a difficult time. Thank you thank you.”

- Brittney P.

“You helped me understand my aesthetic and how to articulate it to others. I know a number of people with strong senses of interior decoration that are very different from mine. Your course freed me from a lot of misconceptions, and gave me the confidence to be more myself in my home.”

- Georgina D.

“Without question, DaJH is the most thoughtful, intelligent, doable, creatively-inspiring online course experience I’ve ever had. (And I’m a careful buyer.) The quality was impeccable—literally every touch point. I appreciated how the course highlighted a concise, consistent framework for making decisions and how it could work for homes of all sizes.”

- Stacy G.

“What made me decide to enroll in the Joyful Home course was your awareness that homes are places that we FEEL and that each of has an intuition, that we can discover, about what we want our homes to feel like to us. It’s opened up ideas and possibilities I would not have envisioned if not for your perspective.”

- Rebecca K.

“Prior to taking your course, we took a very highly-rated interior design course. It was a fine course, but we were left completely uninspired because we didn't want our place to have a prescribed look. The great value in your course was learning the theory. You taught us how to fish! We have a new vocabulary we can use well beyond interior design.”

- Jeff K.

“The room feels alive. It absolutely is possible to achieve success with bringing in the things you love and making them part of your room and its story.... Thank you again for creating this course and reminding me to find joy in my life by appreciating the things that I have and in creating a home that serves my life today!

- Amy P.

“If I only saw the 5 Point Space Breakdown and nothing more in this class it would be completely worth it! Ingrid has put into words what I felt intuitively about my space, and by filling out the worksheets, I have more clarity what I really need to tackle.”

- Gail W.



Here's what you'll learn in 
Design a Joyful Home 


Module 1

Understand Your Space

See your home with clarity and intention

Your journey to a joyful home begins by taking stock of your space as it is today and crafting a vision of your most joyful life at home in the (very near!) future. A series of exercises will help you tap into your natural intuition for what feels good in a space — your joy-meter — and understand the psychology of why you love some spaces, while others leave you feeling flat.

The result? A crystal clear picture of the home you want to create, which will be a north star that will help you avoid indecision and overwhelm as you bring your vision to life.

  • Understand the two fundamental ways that your physical space influences your emotions.

  • Choose a high-impact space in your home to transform and take action to improve your home right away.

  • Use my 4-step process, the Joyful Home Overview, a template you can come back to whenever you need to reassess your space.

  • Avoid costly mistakes by learning my 7 strategies for taking the risk out of home decor decisions, allowing you to visualize your changes and choose with confidence, without having to know how to draw or build 3D models.

Module 2

Define Your Style 

Cut through inspiration overload and own your unique point of view

In this module, you'll identify your authentic sources of inspiration — your passions, curiosities, and life story — and clarify your personal style. You'll uncover the moments that matter most in your home, and you'll learn how to use the aesthetics of joy to shape the ambience of your space. 

You'll emerge with something most people never find: a rock solid sense of your signature style and a clear blueprint for how to express it in your space.

  • Learn how to use the aesthetics of joy, the only evidence-based framework for bridging emotions and design, to create a space that nurtures and supports you.

  • Develop an inspiring and deeply rooted sense of your unique personal style, along with the knowledge of how to apply it to your space — and to your life.

  • Learn how to quiet the voices of judgment and self-doubt that hold you back from creating the home you really want.

  • Create your Space Story, an actionable blueprint for your space that will give you confidence that your home decor choices are the right ones.

  • Discover the strategy that helps you align your space with your ideal lifestyle, and let go of perfection so you can embrace true joy at home.

Module 3

Create Your Color Palette

Learn to see color like a designer and build color confidence

Color doesn't have to be intimidating. In this module, learn a simple method for choosing colors based not just how they look, but how they feel. You'll gain an understanding of how light and materials influence color, and take a deep dive into color psychology, learning how we perceive color and how it affects our well-being. 

By the end of this module, you'll have the tools and confidence to create harmonious color palettes that make your space sing.

  • Learn the three-part method for seeing color that will help you understand exactly why a color feels right or wrong for your space.

  • Understand how color influences emotion and select a color palette that creates a specific mood in a room.

  • Learn how to avoid the biggest mistake people make with color, so you'll never have an unpleasant color surprise again.

  • Discover 12 strategies for incorporating color into your space, including low-cost, high-impact approaches that work for renters and those on a tight budget

Module 4

Shape Your Space

See the hidden dynamics of a room and make any space work for you

In this module, you'll gain a kind of X-ray vision that lets you spot what's wrong with a space — and how to fix it. Using the 5-Point Space Breakdown, a proprietary framework that isn't taught anywhere else, you'll learn how to analyze your space and make subtle adjustments that have big impact.

You'll also learn to use the Designer's Toolkit, a set of 11 strategies that can help you make the most out of even the trickiest and most awkward spaces.


  • Learn the 4 factors that determine how we "read" a space, and how to apply them in your own home.

  • Discover the psychological principles that explain how the objects in your space influence your mindset on an unconscious level.

  • Use the 5-Point Space Breakdown to analyze your space and identify changes that will help you create greater emotional clarity and physical flow.

  • Create a strategy for your space using The Designer's Toolkit, a palette of 11 techniques that you can use to make any space, no matter how challenging, work for you.

Module 5

Make It Home

Layer in the elements that make a house truly feel like a home

Learn how to light your space in a way that feels good to you, select art and decorative objects, and add pattern and texture to bring depth to your design. You'll also learn how to choose details and accents, such as hardware, trim, and personal touches that put an unmistakable mark on your space. And you'll learn how to select plants for your space — and keep them alive! — even if your only experience with plants is the lettuce in your fridge.

By the end of this module, you'll have added signature elements to your space that make it feel personal, and understand how to know when a room is "done."

  • Create a lighting plan that is optimized for well-being.

  • Learn the golden rule for choosing art to display in your home, and 10 different types of art that can influence your space.

  • Incorporate pattern into your space and feel confident mixing and matching different styles.

  • Learn the secrets for choosing plants that enhance your well-being while thriving in your space.

Module 6

Living with Joy

Learn how to turn personal style into lifestyle

You've transformed a space in your home with color and form, pattern and personal touches, cultivating an atmosphere that makes it easy to live well. In this final module, you'll learn how to deepen the sensory experience of your home, and create continuity across different spaces. You'll learn how to incorporate others' perspectives into your design, and keep your design fresh over time.

By the end of this module, you'll be savoring life in your new space, and learning to evolve your design over time so that it grows with you.  

  • Learn techniques for diffusing tension around shared spaces, and navigating the design process with family members or loved ones so you can create a space where everyone can find joy.

  • Create a sensory landscape for your home that goes well beyond the 5 senses you learned about in school.

  • Create continuity between your newly transformed space and the rest of your decor.

  • Discover strategies for designing a space that doesn't get old, but increases your joy with each passing day.

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you'll get:


Design a Joyful Home 


  • 6 Training Modules, with 35 video lessons that take you step-by-step through the process of transforming your home into a haven, from understanding your space to choosing finishes and details.
  • 19 PDF worksheets, guides, and templates that take the work out of creating a color palette, choosing focal points, creating a lighting plan, and expressing your unique style.
  • The Aesthetics of Joy Guide, a 21-page, full-color resource that breaks down the ten aesthetics of joy and makes it easy to bring them to life in your space.
  • The Designer's Toolkit, a set of 11 strategies you can use to make even the most awkward spaces work for you.

You'll receive instant access to all 6 modules as soon as you sign up, and you'll have lifetime access, so whether you want to binge-watch the course in one weekend or take it slow and steady, you can choose the journey that works for you.

Plus these bonuses to save you time and money, and keep you moving on your journey to creating a joyful home:


Bonus 1

The Joyful Sourcebook:

Ingrid’s Favorite Sources for Everything You Need for a Joyful Home (a $200 value)


Stop wasting time hunting for the right things for your home. Get my personal sourcebook of shops and vendors to help you bring your vision for your home to life.

Whether you're looking for joyful removable wallpaper to brighten up your kitchen or a well-made sofa, new knobs to DIY your dresser or affordable art for your entryway, this resource contains more than 200 shops and vendors to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Find sources categorized by type of merchandise (furniture, lighting, decorative objects, etc.) across a wide range of prices so this resource can be your go-to shopping guide, whatever your budget. 

Bonus 2

The Joyful Guide to Decluttering

by Solve My Space (a $125 value)


Clear the clutter and create a clean canvas for your joyful space! 

This beautiful guide, by home organizing expert Tinka Markham Piper of Solve My Space, is the jumpstart you need to cut through the clutter so you can see your space clearly. With decision-making criteria, a step-by-step guide, and even a joyful pep talk, this resource will give you momentum toward your goal of a more joyful home. 

Bonus 3

2 Live Unstuck Sessions

Q&As with Ingrid to get help with your project  (Value $350 )


Get feedback on your project and and answers to your questions to keep you moving toward your goal of a joyful home.

These two sessions offer a chance to submit your work in progress for feedback and get your questions answered live! You can submit questions ahead of time, and will have access to a replay that you can watch whenever you need. 

14-day Joyful Home Guarantee

I created this course because I believe you have what it takes to create a truly joyful home. Design a Joyful Home is the most comprehensive, step-by-step program for teaching you how to transform any space into a home you love.

You don't need any prior experience in design whatsoever. All you need is the motivation and commitment to do the work.

So here's my promise to you.

By the end of the 14 days refund period, you will have had two weeks of full access to the Design a Joyful Home course in which to assess your spacedefine your style, and envision your transformation before making a final commitment.

If you don't feel confident in your vision and excited about the transformation you're making, simply send us a note at [email protected], show us you've completed the first two modules, and we'll give you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other students have asked before signing up for Design a Joyful Home

Still thinking about it? 

You should give Design a Joyful Home a 14-day risk-free trial if...


You're tired of waiting for the perfect house to start living well at home. 

You tear photos out of design magazines and fantasize about decorating your dream house, but make do with a patchwork of hand-me-down furnishings because it doesn't seem worth it to invest time and energy in a white-walled rental. In the meantime, your life is happening now. Your home can make that life feel rich and full — a canvas for beautiful memories — or it can just be a roof over your head. What might happen if you let go of perfect and created a home that enriches your life right where you are?


Your style isn't like everyone else's.

You've always known you have a unique aesthetic, but sometimes you're not 100% comfortable expressing it. In a world where neutral minimalism is trendy, maybe you've been made to feel a bit "over-the-top." What might happen if you felt free to fully express your style and share it with the world?

In Design a Joyful Home, I'll never tell you to tone it down or stifle your spirit to fit a certain mold. Instead, I give you tools to understand and articulate your own style, so you can design the joyful space that only you know how to create. After all, you're one of a kind — your home should be too.


You want decorating to actually be fun again.

Let's face it: decorating isn't fun when you're worried about making costly mistakes, or being stuck with something you don't love. It's easy to think that maybe you're not cut out for it — that maybe you don't have the "eye" for design. But when you have the tools to connect with your intuition and make choices that you know are right for you, it sets you free to follow your heart and  yes, actually have fun with your decor. What might happen if you truly trusted your instincts, and could decorate without fear or worry?

You deserve a beautiful, joyful home that lights you up inside.


I've experienced firsthand the peace and joy that come from having a home you truly love. More than anything, this is what I want to share with you.

I've devoted the last 12 years of my life to understanding the science of how design can create real, meaningful joy — insights I've shared in my widely shared TED talk, viewed by more than 17 million people, and my book JOYFUL, which has been translated into more than 25 languages around the world.

What I learned from my research wasn't just how to pick colors or arrange furniture, but how to see. How to understand why a space feels so calming. How to see which colors will energize a room, without making it too intense. How to spot the gems at a flea market, and how to see the potential in an awkward nook or dusty attic, and make even the most unlikely spaces sing.

This isn't a special ability. It's something anyone can learn, and it's why I created Design a Joyful Home. You already have the intuition you need to create a beautiful, joyful home. And if you'll let me, I'll be thrilled to share with you the tools and strategies for seeing your space in a new way, and creating a home — and life — you love.